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Friars Green celebrates the significant birthdays

Friars Green celebrates the significant birthdays

The year 2010 saw four members of the W.A. at Friars Green I.M. Church celebrate significant ‘0’ birthdays. In February, Margery Brown became 70. Margery first began attending the W.A. with her mother, Edna Wilson, who for many years was the President of the fellowship, a position also filled by Margery.

In the months of August, October and November, Audrey Worrall, Joyce Rotherham and Betty Yates all successively reached their 80th birthdays. ‘Young’ Betty serves the fellowship on a Wednesday afternoon as the ‘tea lady’, another daughter who inherited a role from her mother, Ada Ashton.

Finally on November 8th, Mona Caldwell reached her 90th birthday for which we held a party. Mona can remember spending her Wednesday afternoons in the school holidays attending W.A. meetings along with her mother, Doris King. Mona currently serves as pianist, secretary and as a representative at women’s council meetings.

As a fellowship we are looking forward to the year 2020 when we can celebrate another round of ‘0’ birthdays! Perhaps on that occasion we can invite the Connexion W.A.