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Church Services disrupted by severe weather

Church Services disrupted by severe weather

For many churches throughout the Connexion, the record-breaking cold weather across the country from the end of November onwards, resulted in the cancellation of many activities. Initially the churches of the North-East were the worst affected by the early and persistent snows. The Northern Counties Young People’s weekend at Brockley Hall was the first casualty and this was quickly followed by the cancellation of both Spennymoor and Sunderland Circuit Meetings. Many churches in the North-East were unable to hold regular services and other meetings and those activities that did go ahead suffered reduced attendances.

As winter’s icy grip extended to other areas, the churches in the North-West and Yorkshire began to share the same kind of difficulties that had been experienced in the Northern Counties.  The performance of the Christmas music event ‘King of Kings’ which was due to be performed by the Bethel Church Choir at Bethel, Wigan, had to be cancelled as the roads and pavements in the area became a skating ring following the fall of fresh snow.  As Christmas approached, planned special services were thrown into chaos and a number of churches, particularly those with elderly congregations cancelled their Carol and Christmas Services. Again, those who were able to continue experienced reduced attendances at many events.

Naturally, such persistent extreme cold weather also creates other problems. Dewsbury Church had to cancel services after a pipe burst and the former Tetlow Street building in Liverpool experienced the same problem following the failure of a boiler pilot light. Did your church face a difficult situation during the cold weather? Perhaps as a church you had to do something different? If so the Connexion would like to hear about it.