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We have developed a number of solutions which are fully integrated into web4work.  Examples include on-line stores, member registration and support systems, league management for county rugby, on-line training modules, on-line surveys and many more.

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BBC Technology News

Fresh warning over rip-off locator forms on Google
'Devious' sites which charge money for a free passenger locator form top search engine results.

Covid-19: The pandemic explored in maps and data
Political scientist Dr Robert Muggah looks at the effects of the pandemic and national lockdowns.

Activision Blizzard staff walk out over harassment claims
Employees of the company behind Call of Duty are angry over allegations of sexism and harassment.

Oculus recalls Quest 2 headset pads after skin rashes
Quest 2 headset owners are urged to claim a free silicone cover to avoid skin issues.

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