Welcome to web4work

web4work is a hosted service using dedicated servers managed by Clara.net

Our hosting partner, Clara.net provide managed servers in a purpose built hosting centre. Monitoring software ensures that the systems are available and automatically alerts support staff if problems occur.

Professionally managed environment
Premium environment for business-critical servers and data with fully redundant power, cooling, security and a highly resilient network - backed up and maintained by top level technical staff.
All servers are housed in dedicated racks with multi-point locking.

Server availablilty
Full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), ensuring maximum availability of power to your equipment and maximum uptime for you and your end-users.

Physical access
Strict on-site access control procedures to prevent unwanted entry.

Hands on monitoring - Trained technicians available 24/7 to identify and fix problems before they happen.


Web 4 Work is a solution developed by Information Flow
E: info@web4work.co.uk W: www.web4work.co.uk