Welcome to web4work

Our virtual office allows you and your colleagues to keep up to date by sharing information and ideas. 

Our events, discussion and action manager applications allow you to work together to achieve success. There are a wide range of applications available to make your organisation efficient even though you may not be in the same physical location.  The virtual office is a secure area accessed by username and password.

All your group meetings and deadlines can be added to the calendar - classify them so that they can be selectively displayed including making some entries available for display on your web pages.

Invite some or all of your colleagues to take part in discussion, sharing ideas and making proposals.  Select the alert to receive emails when responses have been added to the topics of your choice.  The topics are timed so that once completed they will no longer appear in the list (but they can still be accessed by the administrator)

Filing Cabinets
Make the latest versions of all documents available to your colleagues.  Our three level filing cabinets allow you to upload and annotate documents and place them in the appropriate folders.  Browse by subject or seach by keyword to access and download the document.  Groups of selected documents may also be made accessible from a web page.

Action manager
Records and allocates actions to specific users.  Add notes and documents to an actions to track progress and change the priority to maintain focus.  The action manager warns when the due date has passed and email alerts are sent when the action is passed to another user.  All changes and additions are logged as an audit trail

Profile Manager
Each user has a personal profile.  Profiles are set by the system administrator and enable access to applications as required.  The menus displayed at login reflect the profile and links to applications are only displayed if access is allowed

Other applications
There are a number of other applications available including Notice Board, Personal Web Links and Personal Journal.

Web 4 Work is a solution developed by Information Flow
E: info@web4work.co.uk W: www.web4work.co.uk